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What you can do with the NHS App

You need to prove who you are to register with the NHS App, once registered you can:

  • order your authorised repeat prescriptions and nominate the pharmacy where you would like to collect your medicines from
  • view your GP health record going forward
  • receive safe and secure messages from your surgery (turn on NHS App notifications to receive messages in the app instead of via text)
  • book and manage coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations
  • register your organ donation decision
  • choose how the NHS uses your data
  • view your NHS number (find out what your NHS number is)
  • use NHS 111 online to answer questions and get instant advice or medical help near you

NHS App services are available for patients aged 16 years and over to access their own records only. Each qualifying family member can register for their own account with their unique NHS number and photo ID.

Simply download the NHS App on your smartphone and upload photo ID to register.

If you need assistance with downloading or registering for the NHS App, you can watch some helpful video guides here:


Note: Patients who download and register with the NHS App after October 2023 will never see data prior to their App registration date.


Patients who activated their online account before the 4th October 2023 may still have access to medical records blocked, however patients can request for the restriction to be lifted for future entries – please submit your request in writing explaining what information you wish to see. Please note: you will only see data that is entered AFTER the date that the restriction is lifted, you will never see anything in the past.


It is your responsibility to keep your login details and password safe and secure.


Online access will be revoked if you use the service inappropriately i.e. book appointments at the wrong branch or with the wrong person, persistently order medication too early.


** Messages in the NHS App are:

  • sent directly to you through your NHS number (instead of phone number or address), which means it is a more reliable way to reach you if your contact information is out of date at your GP surgery
  • always from verified senders, such as your GP surgery and healthcare providers
  • kept secure by the same technology that keeps your other information safe in the app

If you usually receive text messages from us; turn on notifications in the NHS App and texts will go via the App instead (if not read within 3hours they will default back to text message format)


NEWS: Information about a software issue that prevented documents from being visible to patients.

We understand that some of our patients may have been unable to view certain documents (e.g. letters from the hospital) when using online services due to a software problem. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. We are pleased to inform you that this issue has been resolved; any new documents added to your electronic GP health records will be visible but it may take up to a month for older, affected documents to become visible, providing that functionality had been activated for you.

Your GP team will have been able to access the letters, so your care will not have been affected during this time.

SMS Text messages & email reminders

We send SMS text messages for appointment reminders and healthcare information. Text messages are generated using a secure facility but you should understand they are transmitted over a public network onto a personal device which may not be secure, however the practice will not transmit any sensitive information. Be aware if more than one family member uses the same mobile number, the messages we send are addressed to named patients. The surgery will not pass your contact details to a 3rd party for marketing purposes.

If we have a mobile number for you, enrolment to receive SMS messages is automatic  – check with reception that we have the correct contact number for you.

Don’t forget to let us know if you change your email address or mobile number!









Date published: 23rd November, 2014
Date last updated: 4th April, 2024