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Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service

How do I book transport?

If you believe you are eligible you can book your transport in the following ways

You contact the patient eligibility line directly where you will be asked a set of questions to determine if you are eligible based on the criteria set out by our commissioners. If you are accepted then you will be able to book your transport accordingly.

Patient Eligibility Line 0300 100 0015 available 0700-1900 hours.

Translation into Other Languages;
SCAS provides a translation service for patients for whom English is not their first language. To access the Language Line service, an English speaking friend, relative or support-provider should call the contact centre on 0300 123 3235.
We will then make arrangements for the patient to speak to the translator who will provide the service information in their native language.

Manage my booking online

If you have transport booked with South Central Ambulance Service, Patient Transport you can manage your booking by clicking on the link button below;

This function will allow you to Book yourself ready for collection after you have had your appointment and track the progress of your designated vehicle. You also have the ability to cancel your booking if transport is no longer required.

What if I’m not eligible? Are there any subsidised schemes?

If you are not eligible, there are a number of subsidised community car schemes available. It should be noted that a number of these schemes do make a nominal charge for their service, please enquire with the provider at the time of requesting transport : This link will take you to a community transport site where you can type in your postcode/county and a list of local community transport providers will be provided.

You will need to have the following information to hand before you can successfully book NEPTS transport:

Patients NHS number
Name of Patient
GP Practice that the patient is registered with
Patients contact details
›› Home address
›› Contact telephone number / Mobile Number if they have one
Booking Details
›› Date of transport request
›› Time of patients appointment (if being transported to a healthcare centre)
›› Location of patients appointment (if being transported to a healthcare centre)
›› Time patient will be ready for discharge (if being transported home)
›› Time patient will be ready for transfer (if being transported from one centre to another)
Special Requests
Mobility – if the patient wishes to travel in their own wheelchair you / the patient must confirm it is ISO7176 compliant at the time of booking
Specify any additional support the patient might need during transport in terms of people or equipment
Specify if the patient will be travelling with an escort and the reason for this

Patient Transport Service Information