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2014 patient survey and results

Outcome of the Survey – responses expressed as percentages

Outcome of Survey – 2012-2013.docx

Local Patient Participation Report – March 2014.docx

Action Plan as a Consequence of the Survey 2013-2014

Respondents rated the Practice “good” or above in most areas. As we become more familiar with the concept and practice of managing surveys we shall refine the questions and be able to draw more specific conclusions. We hope too that as the size of the PPG grows we will achieve responses that reflect the views of a wider cross section of our patient population.

Our plan for the coming year is to continue to grow the size of the PPG, and with the help of the PPG, identify specific areas for change.

This will include the need to explore in more depth why some patients say they cannot get an urgent appointment easily, publicise the complaints system more widely and gauge the success, or otherwise, of the triage system. This may include extending the trial further at one or both sites.

Input from the PPG and patients generally on these matters is always welcome.

Looking back at our survey in 2012-2013, there was one issue raised in the survey that was worth re-visiting. This asked the question “How long did you wait for your consultation to start?”. In 2012-2013 100% of respondents reported waiting more than 11 minutes beyond their appointment time to be seen. The sample was small, but worth looking at again.

We monitored the sessions of different clinicians and made some changes to the distribution of slots. The same question this year indicated that 54% of respondents waited less than 10 minutes, a significant improvement. 43% of respondents waited more than 10 minutes, a figure we will continue to monitor.

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