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Archive | September, 2016

Is the NHS financially sustainable?

So my 16-year-old daughter needed a topic for a 5000-word essay at school. A topic which would be a question, researched and debated in the course of an essay, with a conclusion reached at the end. After a long day at the coal face of the NHS, the immediate question which came to my mind […]

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Avoid medicines scams

Every year hundreds of thousands of consumers buy scam miracle cures for conditions such as weight loss,¬†baldness and impotence. Many of¬†these products are advertised online or via spam emails. They are often a waste of money, and they can also be dangerous. That’s why you should never start a new medicine, or stop a medicine […]

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Doctors urged to offer ‘exercise outdoors’ prescriptions

Doctors in England and Wales should offer overweight patients “green space” prescriptions to get them exercising outdoors, says the Local Government Association. The prescriptions could provide free visits to national parks or gardening sessions at National Trust properties, for example. A small number of GPs already do this. The LGA says it needs to become […]

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