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Archive | July, 2016

Expert patients: the future of healthcare in your hands

As the population ages and healthcare demand grows, it seems only reasonable that the burden of care be shared. As diagnostic technology and treatment improve we see an exponential increase in the number of people living into old age with multiple illnesses. These people have received a gift born of research, hard work and the […]

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Later menopause ‘may increase diabetes risk’

A late menopause increases a woman’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a study suggests. US researchers looked at 124,000 women, and found a higher risk for those undergoing the menopause after the age of 55 – the average is 51. They suggested hormone levels could explain the risk linked to a later menopause. A […]

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NHS targets ‘ghost’ patients who don’t go to the GP

Patients in England who have not been to see their GP for five years face being deregistered as the NHS prepares to get tough on “ghost patients”. NHS England said new rules would be brought in next month and see patients removed from GP lists unless they responded to warning letters. The move is aimed […]

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NHS data-sharing project scrapped

6th July 2016 The Department of Health in England is scrapping its controversial data-sharing project – known as The programme, which was due to launch in 2014, faced widespread criticism – including fears the public had been left in the dark about it. The announcement comes as Dame Fiona Caldicott and the Care Quality […]

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11 tips to get the most out of your GP appointment

The average GP appointment lasts 10 minutes. 10 minutes. Yes, 10 minutes! Lots of people are aware of this fact; but have you ever actually stopped to think how long that actually is. The answer is not long. And don’t forget that the clock starts as soon as your name is called, so the 10 […]

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